Larne Community Hub

Funded by The National Lottery Community Fund

In the harbour town of Larne we have linked with Linn and St. Macnissi's Primary Schools, Roddensvale School, Larne High School and Larne Football Club.

JH Teaching Dodgeball


Linn Primary School and St. Macnissi’s Primary School have benefited from our Energise Programme where pupils have been engaged in learning about health & diet through activity sessions with our #Sport4Development Faciliators and upskilled Young Leaders from Larne High School.

"Pupils have thrived through the variety of sessions provided which is pitched perfectly for their age and attention span. The fast paced mix of games and learning keeps them engaged and active"
(Miss Ritchie, Linn Primary School)

We've also linked with Larne Football Club to organise multiple football tournaments to bring together children from different backgrounds and genders together as part of our #CreatingHealthierLifestyles and #SharedFuture values. Again, it was great experience for our Young Leaders who planned and refereed the event.


33 Larne High School pupils have completed our SheerSKILL  Programme and in doing so have achieved several national governing body qualifications.

Developing participant learning, the upper sixth pupils from Larne High School have undergone practical work experience whilst being mentored by our #Sport4Development Faciliators. The Leaders delivered sessions in Linn Primary School, St Macnissi’s Primary School and Roddensvale School as well as hosting primary school football tournaments for over 100 local pupils and gaining experience at Summer and Easter camps in the area.

We are excited to have the young leaders involved in our up and coming JAGTag (Tag American Football) programme in partnership with the NFL team, The Jacksonville Jaguars where we will up-skill the leaders with the qualifications to deliver this new sport to local schools and community groups in Northern Ireland.