John Coaching
John Hunter
JH, ES, NON with Annual Report


How many years have you been a coach/facilitator?

16 Years!

What history do you have in sport?

The main sport I play is football with a 20 year career spanning the dizzy heights of amateur league football but after a couple of knee injuries I spend more time on the side-lines now. I have also dabbled in other sports such as MMA, Swimming and CrossFit.


 How long have you worked at Community Sports Network/BCSDN?

9 Years! 


Best memory from your time at Community Sports Network/BCSDN?

After delivering a national programme we were nominated for an award. The award ceremony was in a prestigious hotel in London. Its always good to get recognised for the good work we do.


Best thing about working at Community Sports Network?

Getting to deliver on a variety of programmes that happen across the country, work is never boring. Plus getting to wearing a tracksuit to work every day is good.


What is your favourite sport?



Favourite Sports Person?

Rich Froning!